Academies of Racine

Academies of Racine


Racine Family YMCA is a supporter and partner of the RUSD Academies of Racine.

In Racine Unified School District, Case, Horlick and Park High Schools have transformed to the Academies of Racine.

What are the Academies of Racine?
Academies are small learning communities that provide real-world experiences with local businesses and professionals, linking schoolwork and the workplace. Each high school has four Academies with unique Pathways. Each Pathway is a sequence of courses designed to help students prepare for a specific career area while also meeting the mandatory requirements for high school graduation. Regular coursework is presented within the context of the Academy’s focus. 

How does it work?
Exploration begins in middle school. Students will chart their unique “pathway” during eighth and ninth grades, exploring career choices. Pathways provide students with a plan to connect coursework in high school with college and career opportunities after graduation. After choosing a pathway, students then select one Academy to pursue during their high school career. Students have opportunities to earn college credits, experience apprenticeships and earn certifications in a particular field of study.

 What do Academies Offer?

  • Smaller, personalized learning environments

  • Partnerships with businesses providing opportunities for students to solve real-world problems for authentic learning

  • A focus on 21st century skills students need to succeed in college and life

  • A culture of teamwork, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity

  • Rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum

  • Preparation for college and career

Why are the Academies of Racine important to our community?

  • Improve the workforce pipeline

  • Promote career awareness

  • Create real-world learning experiences for students through youth apprenticeship and work-based learning opportunities


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