Membership Rates and Payment Options

Membership Type

Membership Definition

Joining Fee

Monthly Rate


Through age 18




Full time (ID required)




An individual ages 19 to 61



2 Adult Household

ages 19 to 61




An individual 62 or older



2 Senior Household

One must qualify as a senior



1 Adult Household

With Children



2 Adult Household

With Children



3 Adult Household

With Children



* Scholarship Assistance is available to those who qualify.
* Rates subject to change

Payment Methods

Bank Draft

Monthly dues are drafted automatically from your account on your enrollment date each month.  A $25 NSF service charge will be incurred for all checks or bank draft payments returned to the YMCA due to non-sufficient funds, for closed accounts or for stopped payments.  Any changes made to your account must be done at least five (5) days prior to the draft date, to be effective for that month.

Annual Payment

Membership can be paid in full upon joining. Payment is accepted via cash, check, MasterCard or Visa.

Nationwide Membership

The Nationwide Membership program entitles you to visit participating YMCAs in other cities when you are traveling. To find any YMCA in the USA, call 1-888-333-9622 or go to www.ymca.net.