Frequently asked questions about the Racine Family YMCA’s 24/7, year-round access to our Riverside Branch at 141 Main Street.

When does 24/7 access begin? September 6, 2022.

What are the age requirements? Members must be 18 years or older to be eligible for 24-hour access.

Who is eligible for 24/7 access? 24/7 access is for Racine Family YMCA members only. It is not available for group memberships, State or Nationwide reciprocity.

What times will the 24/7 access center be open? 24/7 access is available at all times the facility is closed, including holidays. During normal Racine Family YMCA business hours you will be required to access the facility through the main doors as you have done previously. Upon closing, you use the same main entrance using your Membership Card.

What areas do 24/7 members have access? The wellness center and locker rooms at the Riverside Branch, 141 Main Street, Racine.

How do 24/7 members get into the Wellness Center after the Y is closed? Approved members’ Membership Card will be activated to serve as their unique after-hours access key to the building. To access Riverside scan your Membership Card to enter the building.

How much does it cost? $10.00 per year.

How do members enroll for 24/7 access? Members can enroll at the Riverside or Mount Pleasant branch Welcome Desks. Members will be required to sign a waiver.

What if my Membership Card is lost or damaged? Please notify us immediately if you lose your Membership Card. Replacement cost is $10.

What if there is an injury/emergency during non-staffed hours in the Wellness Center? The Racine Family YMCA highly recommends exercising with other 24/7 access members outside of staffed hours. There is an emergency phone in the Wellness Center, along with an AED.

What if a 24/7 access member gives access to a non-member after hours? Members with 24/7 access must not allow access to others, even if the individual is a Racine Family YMCA member or someone known and trusted. Granting access to another individual will result in termination of 24/7 access and potential termination of Y membership. Any access the Riverside Branch after hours without approved 24/7 membership will be considered to be a trespass.

What are the safety and security measures for the facility? The Riverside Branch is monitored by a video surveillance system for security purposes. Staff will review the video on a daily basis to address any security concerns and monitor for appropriate usage. The facility is not monitored live.

Why are you implementing 24/7 access? The Racine Family YMCA is implementing 24/7 in response to feedback from members who have varied schedules and have requested extended access to health and wellness equipment.