Team Participation Rules

The purpose of the Racine YMCA Community Corporate Cup, is to facilitate the promotion of health and physical fitness to the employees of business, industry and the community as a whole. This program allows for the entire spectrum of the community to be involved. It is organized not only for those who are at a high level of fitness, but also for employees of varying degrees and abilities. Everyone is encouraged to participate and have fun.

Toward this end, measures shall be taken to help assure fair and equitable participation for all individuals.


Division I is comprised of companies that compete in 13 or more events. Division II is comprised of companies that compete in 12 or fewer events.

1. Employee Team Members must be at least sixteen (16) years of age to participate. Family Team Members must be at least (18) years of age. All employee entrants that are sixteen years of age must have signature of legal guardian on consent form.

2. Participant can only be on one (1) company team per event and participate for one (1) company.

3. Employees must be employed or contracted (full-time or part-time) by the sponsoring company or organization they represent at the time of submittal of team roster.

a. Part-time means employee must work at least ten (10) hours per week.

b. Contracted employees must be under contract with the sponsoring company or organization from June 1 through the conclusion of the Corporate Cup event. The contracted employee must work at least ten (10 hours per week).

c. If an individual is laid off or retired, he/she must still be covered under the company’s health insurance or retirement plan.

4. Team members must be employed by the sponsoring company or organization located or headquartered in the following counties: Racine, Kenosha, and/or Milwaukee.

5. Company employees may participate on the company team:

a. If they reside and work within the 3 counties or if they reside within the 3 counties and work outside the region

b. If they work within the 3 counties and reside outside the region.

6. Team members must sign and submit the Corporate Cup Waiver form in order to participate. NO EXCEPTIONS.

7. Companies may be combined into one (1) team providing the following guidelines:

a. Small businesses that do not have enough employees to field a team may combine to make it possible to participate. To do this, contact the Corporate Cup Director.

b. Individuals not directly employed by a corporation, company or agency may enter the Corporate Cup provided they form teams as representatives of their professional or trade organization. Examples are as follows: Racine County Medical Society, Racine County Bar Association, etc. For the purpose of these rules, such coalitions shall constitute a single company team.


1. All members of the team must be listed on the team event roster.

2. Each team member needs to check-in for his/her event 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of that event.

3. Each team member must be prepared to participate in his/her event 30-minutes prior to the scheduled time of the event. It is the individual’s responsibility to listen to announcements being made.


1. Each company may participate in as many events as they choose.

2. The People's Choice Chili Awards do not count for the overall Division Awards and therefore they are not scored events. However, position plaque is awarded for People's Choice Chili.

3. Companies are required to enter a team in the Chili event to be eligible to win overal Cup in their division.


1. Each team, regardless of Division, will be allowed no more than 50% immediate family members on their overall team roster Employee must meet same eligibility requirements set forth in rules. Employees must comprise at least 50% of the event rosters.

2. An immediate family member must not be employed by a company that participates in Corporate Cup; i.e., if employee of Company B has an immediate family member employed by Company A and Company A is in the Cup, immediate family member must compete for Company A.

3. Immediate family member is defined as the spouse/significant, brother, sister, adult child (18 years of age or older as of start of this year’s Corporate Cup), or parent of the employee.


1. Teams found in violation of the stated eligibility rules will be disqualified from the event in which the ineligible team members(s) participated. Teams finishing behind the disqualified group will be moved up in the point standing accordingly.


1. All team and company event rosters are to Nette on the dates listed on forms page. Waivers are due at the same times. If a participant has not signed and submitted a Corporate Cup waiver form, he/she will not be eligible to participate unless form is completed prior to the events.


1. Teams may substitute using the substitution forms.

2. Substitutes have to comply with all rules.

3. Substitutes in time-predicted events use their teams pre-submitted times.

4. Substitutions will be allowed only if the proper substitution forms and waivers are filled out completely.

5. On the day of the event, all substitution forms must be submitted to Corporate Cup officials no later than half hour prior to the scheduled start time of that event.


All team members listed on the team roster must wear proper team attire.


1. Unsportmanlike or inappropriate behavior from any of the participants.

2. Participating in an event without a team/participant number and valid tear tag where applicable.

3. Interfering in any manner with the progression of other participants and/or event.

4. Leaving the event course and/or assigned lane.

5. Anyone using a watch, clock or any form of timing device during a time predicted event. Being paced or receiving times from another person during a time predicted event.

6. Missing assigned starting times.

7. Failure to report non-completion of event to event officials.

8. Illegal substitutions.

9. Not adhering to any event rule.

10. Additional disqualification criteria specified in individual event rules/descriptions.

11. Cheating.

12. Unlawful substances.

Any team with a disqualification will be assigned zero (0) points.

Teams failing to enter full relay teams will not be allowed to participate and will be given zero (0) points for that event.